Blue Glow Audio

Recommended systems

Ahhh, now this is where the rubber meets the road. In fact, this is the most important reason we exist. Blue Glow Audio provides supremely musical and enjoyable audio systems for your home that are greater than the sum of their parts. You can buy any CD player on the market and connect it to virtually any modern audio system and it will work. However, while it may “work” it may not really make music. In fact, it is the exception rather than the rule to happen upon a system that has that special magic.


There are many fine components that do not perform their best simply because they don't mate well with the rest of the system. Believe me, I know. You see, I got bit by the audiophile bug long ago despite the fact that I didn’t have a dime to to buy the medicine that would cure me. I spent the next 25 years seeking treatment; saving money, studying the latest developments, and reading everything I could get my hands on. I learned enough and saved enough to purchase various audio components that gave temporary relief. But, by seeking out deals and simply combining together the most highly praised components I could afford, my system still ended up falling short. And by now it would retail for almost $20,000!


Then one day my friend Kenny loaned me a 12 year old piece of gear that had been sitting in a box at the bottom of his closet. I plugged it into a couple things sitting around the house and voila! I finally experienced what I had only read about so many times before, and from a combination that had no right to work as well as it did and at far less than half the price. It was magic!

That’s what we do. We find the magic.

Those of you who are not audiophiles may have never heard of the brands that we have so carefully sought out and with whom we have established trusting relationships. That’s ok. I assure you that they are well established, highly praised, and the absolute best choices for what it is we do. We will put together a system for you that you will cherish forever and that will out perform systems at several times the price. Come experience the magic for yourself.