Our goal at Blue Glow Audio is to help folks put together audio systems that play music with all of the emotion and beauty of the original performance. You see, we believe that many of us used to know all about the emotional attachment that came with our music but we’ve lost it over the years. Remember the heart felt passions you held when spinning albums, going to concerts, and living life? Music wasn’t just background noise to silence the silence. It was our anthem; the expressions of our joys, our sorrows, of our desires and internal struggles. The music gave voice to our hearts. Where did all that passion go? Was it maturing, the result of age and time?  Was it the downward spiral of musicianship and society’s taste? Have MTV and the record companies ruined it all?

Well, it certainly can’t be technology, can it? After all, technology has advanced and we’re all the better for it. We now have CDs, DVDs, home theaters, satellite radio, and high definition TVs. You can carry more music in the palm of your hand than you could get in a steamer trunk back then. While technology has certainly advanced in all things, beauty gave way to convenience. Most people’s audio systems are computerized, remote controlled, efficient, and cookie cutter. But guess what? Along the way the music lost its life. Most of us never realized it was happening, but it did.

While the Megahertz and Gigabits continued to climb, our music systems lost their way. The passion and true beauty of our music got transistorized, sterilized, and commoditized. The music became convenient, maybe even sparkly, but it's dead. Most of today's audio systems just don't sound musical. It doesn’t have to be that way. While technology certainly has improved, all is not equal. We’ve sought out some very special musical "instruments" and put them together in a way that breathes life back into the music.

At Blue Glow Audio it's about adding the passion back to your music. This isn’t really a site for audiophiles. In fact, if you don’t even know what an audiophile is you’ll be just fine poking around here. Look, read, learn, and wonder. However, all the words and pictures in the world aren’t going to do the trick. Ultimately, you have to listen and feel it for yourself. Give us a call and we’ll show you how to get the meaning back. We’ll help you remember what you forgot.


Michael Volk

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Blue Glow Audio

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