Blue Glow Audio

Blue Glow Audio is an authorized distributor for all the products we carry. Through much research, trial, and error we have discovered that musical systems are not simply a collection of components, however highly rated they may be. Many well read audiophiles have poured over countless reviews, researched the specifications, discussed their quarry amongst news groups, and agonized over getting the most performance for their hard earned dollar. They finally purchase some of the best gear available from the lowest cost provider only to discover that once the honeymoon is over, the system somehow still falls short. In time then, another piece of gear is needed to solve the problem.

We have a better idea. Simplicity is the most elegant solution. By discussing your interests one on one, we can assist you in putting together a system that breathes life into your music. Making the right choices the first time is what ultimately provides the best value and musical satisfaction. There will be no need to go back to the well because you built a leaky bucket. The art to this science of musical reproduction is in finding the perfect synergies between components and assembling a system that is greater than the sum of its parts. It is this serendipitous combination that makes a modest system out perform another at thrice the price. Now that is value.

It is for this reason that we do not offer equipment for sale on line. If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area, you're in luck and we would love to visit with you. If you don't live in Texas however, we will still help by referring you to our extremely knowledgeable manufacturers for a dealer in your area.